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Our BioCell™ Beauty  are:

-3 to 4 Billion Exosomes

-1 cc per vial


***Comes from most quality USA based labs only

***Each lot is tested for concentration




PriceFrom $800.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Exosomes for skin:

    Exosomes can be used to significantly increase skin collagen and elastin. This can result in changing the appearance of scars, decrease skin irritation, help with acne, address sagging skin, and reduce age spots and wrinkles.

    One way exosomes can be used in a facial procedure is by the usage of microneedling, radiofrequency and or laser devices. Exosomes are diffused over outer skin layers releasing growth factors to injured skin, thereby activating an enhanced wound healing process, and tissue remodeling.


    Exosomes for hair:

    Studies have shown that exosomes can successfully be used in the hair restoration arena. Unlike other common treatments for alopecia (hair loss), exosome therapy(Regenerative Medicine) promotes hair growth without reports of adverse effects. Exosomes injected into scalp arrive at dermal papillae, located at the bottom of hair follicles, to help regrow hair.


    Exosomes have versatile applications in many areas of medical therapeutics, and their successful and minimally invasive applications for medical aesthetics continues to expand as more is discovered about these powerful biologics.

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