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Vertical Sitting

  • 1.3 ATA
  • 55x51x79 inches
  • Wheelchair access


This vertical hyperbaric chamber design provides a wide doorway and supports rolling a wheelchair directly into this portable hyperbaric chamber.We utilize medical-grade components and innovative technology integrated. This Hyperbaric chamber offers an upgraded 10 LPM oxygen generator producing 96% oxygen purity for the most effective treatments and is able to deliver compressed oxygen at 32 KPA or 1.3 ATA.  Our system offers a dehumidifier at no additional cost to make your sessions more comfortable. Our system has been built with safety in mind offers an emergency pressure relief button and dual pressure gauges both inside and outside and redundant pressure regulators to maintain consistent circulatory airflow within the chamber during treatments.


Our advanced hyperbaric oxygen systems offer premium features that our competitors do not offer at competitive pricing. With a standard Air cooler to increase comfort and a 10 LPM 20 PSI Drive Medical Oxygen concentrator as a standard feature. Our research and design team has worked hard to provide you with the most innovative features for your therapy.

The hyperbaric chamber reservoir bag is rated to last up to 39 years if used 1 hour per day and 5 days per week. With Internal and external pressure gauges to keep the user informed of the current pressurization level and again a feature that some of our competitors at 3 times the price do not provide. One should always have the ability to safely view what pressure the chamber is operating at to avoid any possible early exit of the chamber and subsequent chamber damage.


Our units are made to last 25 to 30 years and can be used continuously with durable triple heat-welded seams, medical-grade materials, and a proprietary 2-zipper system with a center flap that makes our Hyperbaric chamber unit stand above our competition. 

Vertical Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber MAX

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19.999,00$Precio de oferta
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