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BioSculpt is a Non Invasive, Non Surgical Medical Device that Shrinks Fat & Sculpts The Body by Strengthening The Muscle. 

BioSculpt booklet


BioSculpt booklet


BioSculpt booklet


  • The first non invasive butt lift procedure

  • Gives the curvature, tone and lift you desire

  • A smart alternative to the invasive Brazilian Butt Lift procedure

  • Strenghthens Muscle

  • Realease pain

  • Increase density

  • SHRINK fat and lose inches

  • SKIN tightening

  • SCULPT muscle


BIOSCULPT sends EMS and MMS through the skin, which contracts the muscle.

This creates a unique electromagnetic field that penetrates the skin to impact muscle tissue as well as fat.

These muscle contractions increase muscle mass and increase the sculpting and defining process.

The energy induces Hypermaximal contractions impossible to achieve through normal workout. 

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